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Our mission is to create value for you, our stockholders, over the long term. We are pleased to have you as a stockholder and grateful for the confidence you have demonstrated by entrusting us with your investment. This section of our Web site is designed to provide important information about stock ownership in our company.


Our ticker symbol is WAVE

In the United States, our stock is listed and traded on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange, the principal market for our common stock.  For information about the trading of  WAVE on this exchange, please consult your broker.

Direct Stock Ownership:
Your stock is registered directly on the books of the company as a stockholder of record. (You may hold your shares in certificate form or in book-entry form through the Direct Registration System. See DIRECT REGISTRATION for more details.) You receive stockholder communications directly. Your name appears on the company's stockholder of record list.

Indirect Stock Ownership:
Your stock is held through a bank or brokerage firm in the broker's name for your benefit. Indirect ownership is generally referred to as "beneficial" or "street-name" ownership. A stock certificate is not registered in your name, and the company does not have a record of you as a stockholder. Financial reports and proxy materials are mailed by the company to brokers for distribution to beneficial stockholders

Under the Direct Registration System, physical certificates are not issued to stockholders. Instead, each stockholder is provided with a statement at least once a year reflecting the number of shares registered in his or her name on the company's books. This form of ownership, known as "book entry," provides benefits to you and the company.

These benefits include the reduction of:

  • Problems associated with shares held in certificate form, such as the need for safe storage
  • Costs associated with the replacement of lost stock certificates
  • The requirement for physical movement of stock certificates at the time of sale and the accompanying potential for loss
  • Costs associated with the issuance and delivery of physical stock certificates

If you purchase company shares through a broker and would like those shares to be held in book entry, you will need to instruct your broker to register your shares in book entry through the Direct Registration System. Similarly, if you already own company shares that are held by a bank, broker or trustee in street name, you may have some or all of those shares transferred to book-entry form. Simply instruct your bank, broker or trustee to register your shares in book entry through the Direct Registration System.

You may revert to certificate form at any time by contacting our Registrar and Transfer Agent, Computershare Trust Company, N.A. For further details on the Direct Registration System, please contact Computershare.

Our company has retained Computershare Trust Company, N.A., as our Registrar and Transfer Agent. At our request, Computershare, maintains a telephone response center as a convenience to our stockholders. Automated information is available 24 hours a day. Representatives are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, to assist you with the following:

  • Account consolidation
  • Account information
  • Address changes
  • Direct or electronic deposit or registration
  • Registration changes
  • Replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed certificates
  • Stock transfer


NextWave Wireless Inc.
c/o Computershare
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI  02940-3078
Phone (312) 588-4171

When contacting the telephone response center, please provide your name as it appears on your account, your Social Security or tax identification number and the address of record of your stock.

Stockholders of record may access their accounts via the Internet to obtain share balance, conduct secure transactions, request printable forms and view current market value of their investment as well as historical stock prices.

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